... in the sky, away from the world
 The Hotel
The Iruya Hotel was built in the highest point of that picturesque small hamlet, and offers a panoramic view of the entire town, the valley, the river, and the ravine. From its spacious terrace and roofed gallery, you will be able to watch condors and other autochthonous birds.
While experiencing the quietness and comfort of the hotel, you can enjoy good food and get in touch with nature and the remains of ancient cultures.
Affording guests the possibility to live the Andean experience from the point where the sun rises, to discover a quiet and unique place, and to walk on stones and water through mountain passes surrounded by silence, is what makes the Iruya Hotel a magical place.

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Hotel Iruya - San Martin 641 (C.P. 4633) Iruya, Salta, Argentina - Tel. Cel: (0387) 15 509 4458
Reservation center: Cel. (0387) 15 533 8482 - Administration: (0387) 432 0790 - reservas@hoteliruya.com - www.hoteliruya.com

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